To the right, koraï project space (CY)

Which way does the gentleman hang asks the tailor during suit fittings and the gentleman replies to the right. The gentleman celebrates that right. The right who strenuously won after centuriesof foreign domination. The right to poach humming birds and not to be told what to do. These are his patriotic values that sprawl comfortably on the right, the traditional right. And the gen-tleman uses his right hand to open a can of luncheon meat, the right way to open it. Ever tried to open one with the left? Ridiculous! What are you? A chunk of pork or a pink grapefruit? Yet both complement each other over breakfast. “Remember when your mom used to make breakfast on Saturday mornings? Try not to think about it. Instead think about thiamin and riboflavin”- that technical rationality, autonomy and competitiveness, the natural aptitude: δεξιότητα.

Andreas Mallouris’ first solo show revolves around the rightfulness that plagues perceptions in which success is a result of rigorous competition. Using dominant traits of the celebratory as-pects of Cypriot masculinity, Mallouris seeks to evaluate the essential myths of traditional con-structions. The memory of boasting infantile nudity and the performative acts of gesture such as shooting guns and footballs, serving as repositories of power and social determinations.

text: Alexandros Kyriakides