Andreas’s practice encompasses sculpture, installation, photography, drawings, video and performance. It addresses the position of the body in relation to its history, biopolitics, hierarchies and mythologies.



Visual artist

Professional Plastic Surgeon

Co- Founder and Director of the koraï project space (CY),



2023 MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London (UK)

2018 BA (Hons) Fine Arts, University of West of England (UK)

2009 PhD, Plastic Surgery, Medical School, Democritus University (GR)

2012 Board Certification in Plastic Surgery (GR)

2001 MD, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR)


Selected Exhibitions

Solo exhibition & duo exhibitions

2021 Persistent Excitements, Thanks, PET projects, Athens (GR)

2019 Ever Fallen, Metodo Milano, Milano (IT)

2018 Yes, connection hurts, S:2f2, Nicosia (CY)

2017 To the right, koraï project space, Nicosia (CY)


Group exhibitions           

 2023  To Be Out Of Love Completely, Nicosia (CY)

 2023 Pre Erotic Thoughts, PET project, Athens (GR)

 2023 Livery, offsite project of Korai project space at Lapatsa Riding school, (CY)

 2023 Pop Up (marks) of common, Phytorio at Limassol Art Walks, Limassol Municipal Arts Center - Apothikes Papadaki Limassol (CY)

 2023 A city- Center Seaview Penthouse at Oceanic, Korai project space at Limassol Art Walks, Limassol (CY)

 2023 ART-ATHINA 2023, korai project space, Athens (GR)

 2023 MFA Fine Art Degree show, Goldsmiths University London, (UK)

2023 Kenophobic Panomimes, Below Grant Gallery, NYC (USA)

2022 Plantasia, Petty Cash, NYC (USA)

2021 MOMAFAD, EMST (GR) - Temporary Exhibitions Space (-1) part of “SunShip: The Arc That Makes The Flood Possible,” Arts Letters & Numbers’ exhibition, CITYX Venice Italian Virtual Pavilion, 17th Venice Architecture Biennale (IT)

 2021 Me and my friends, part 2, Koraï Project Space, Nicosia (CY)

2021 Ghost Show: A Nightmare Before Christmas, hARTslane Gallery, London, (UK)

2021 Matter in mind, Alkinois, Athens (GR)

2021 Blight, Tyre Bargain Centre, Nicosia, (CY)

2021 A poem for you, Crux gallery, Athens (GR)

2021 Access art rail, (UK)

2021 All I need is the air that I breath, Art-seen, Nicosia (CY)

2020 Me and my friends, korai project space, Nicosia (CY)

2020 Quarantine Exhibition, Online exhibition, Space 52, (GR)

2020 Bad Membrane,

2019 Catch of the Year(s), DIENSTGEBÄUDE Art Space Zurich, Zurich (CH)

2019 Else/Where, Biscuit Factory, London (UK)

2018 Igrutatti Plaermo, Manifesta12 collateral events, Palermo (IT)

2018 Fired and glazed, VZ studio, Thessaloniki (GR)

2018 Platforms Project 2018, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens (GR)

2017 Dictations Vol. II, Urban collage, Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum, Nicosia (CY)

2017 Take the Din out of Dinning, Artichokes and Queen Head, London (UK)

2017 Tactile bodies, performance, Garage, Nicosia (CY)

2016 Fusion is the future, City Plaza, Nicosia (CY)

2016 Inspire me, Diatopos Contemporary Art Center, Nicosia (CY)

2016 Final show, Alexander College, Creative Labs (CY)

2015 Group Exhibition, Alexander College, Creative Labs (CY)


CURATORIAL WORK         Co-Founder and Director / koraï project space, Nicosia (CY)