Ingrutatti Palermo – Manifesta12 (IT)

27 July - 30 November 2018


Danisinni, an aquatic community


The sourcing of water has been through history a cause of war, defined territories and created conditions of hierarchies. Danisinni is a community in the heart of Palermo, formed in antiquity between two rivers and qanats, a privileged by default community, but with defined marks of temporality. Layers of time impose with brutality the past and present. An oasis garden at the church, a circus, a community in fluidity, the present is visible through the past. Life and death are everywhere. Models for Caravaggio’s paintings are on every corner.

During the workshop, I developed a study on the community of Danisinni, as an attempt to propose conditions of establishing a privileged territory around sources of water. The stamp and bandiera-banner produced could be applied in the branding of their community projects. Three proposals have been created for commercial branding and the community can chose which one they will adopt. The bandiera project, respects the apparent temporality of the community, memories of malaria and disasters, gender hierarchies, social transparencies and tendencies along with the prosperity of a garden oasis.