The Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, London

2-4 June 2019


Else/Where is a group show exploring the notion of liminal space, the fabric and substance of what lies beyond, inside and unseen. The works traverse this threshold to create a dialogue, through which themes of consciousness, physicality, sexuality and embodiment emerge.

Andreas Mallouris
Andrew Mark
Aaron Ratajczyk
Goswin Schwendinger
Dahong Hongxuan Wang

Andreas Mallouris’ practice engages with issues related to social politics, queer spaces and the position of the body. This work is elaborating around the interest to investigate the territories of the body and the place through the personalized eroticism empowered by mechanisms of domestic fetishism and self-sexual awareness. The body in the state of “availability”, expands on its limits or infinities, exploring heterotopias of desire and nostalgia. Considering that the body and the place are composed of the same elements: nature, social interactions and meanings, this work navigates in queer spaces. An object assigned for the induction of an experience, including fetishism objects loaded with irrational power, becomes a symbol, potentially disintegrating from a symbol when it comes back to experience. Body and object this way, are parts of a spatial composition, where the bodycan acclaim, spread, become liquid, tactile, transparent and erotic.